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Apple iPhone Offer: Get the latest offers on Apple iPhone 7

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According to the schematics leaks posted at Japanse website Mac Fan as spoted by Macotakara9 to 5 Mac the iPhone 7 pro will be very much similar to iPhone 6S in terms of size however people can expect a significant upgrade in terms of features and specification in iPhone 7 Pro. It had been rumored earlier that new iPhone would lack 3.5 mm jack and will be featuring dual sensor camera.

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But according to leaks and the latest rumors surfacing on the leading websites, new iPhone will keep the same configuration. The iPhone 7 pro can be of same thickness as iPhone 6S Plus which measures at 7.3 mm. As quoted by BGR, the iPhone 7 pro may feature smart three-pin smart connector that we have seen in iPad pro however these are just the rumors which may or may not turn out to be true. Among the other expected features, it is being discussed that Apple may ditch 16 GB models and start with 32 GB memory iPhone, the highest could be 256 GB !


The recent release from tech giant iPhone 5 SE didn’t do well in the market as per the expectation and the company posted decline in the profit since 2003. The WSJ noticed 22.5% fall in quarterly profit due to deline in revenue since 2003. However the company still remains far ahead of rivals in terms of making profit as quoted by Tim Cook.
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Apple’s major source of revenue is iPhone according to znet and if the company doesn’t do well with new iPhone, it is more like to post decline in overall profits. The upcoming iPhone 7 pro, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be higly advanced with robust hardware system and would be worth upgrading. Above all, these are just the rumors that may or may not turn into reality.

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